Children's Worship & Wonder

Children's Worship & Wonder offers an exciting way to approach faith formation with children. The approach recognizes children as spiritual beings who already have a relationship with God.

Through Children's Worship & Wonder, children learn about God as they experience God. They hear Bible stories in a way that allows them to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own life experiences. Children's Worship & Wonder can be used with children ranging in age from 3 to 13 and a wide age range can be grouped together in one class. It is a Montessori-based model and often works wonders with children who have attention deficit problems.

The following characteristics are why First Christian Church offers Children's Worship & Wonder:

1.      Respect of Children. This program recognizes children as spiritual beings, who already have a relationship with God. In Children's Worship & Wonder, children are not seen as empty vessels for us (adults) to fill with our understanding of God. Adults are guides who offer space, tools, and language which help children deepen their already existing relationship with God. In Children's Worship & Wonder, we trust that given the opportunity, children will bring their own life experiences to the stories of God and will receive what they need.

2.      Encouragement of Imagination. There is not enough time and space in today’s world for children to use their wonderful imaginations. Television, videos, or computer games, rarely encourage children to call upon their own creative possibilities. There are too few places for children to learn about the gifts of quiet and solitude. Churches are uniquely equipped to offer these gifts.

3.      Developmentally Appropriate. Children's Worship & Wonder allows children to use all of their senses and motor skills. It includes lots of repetition and lots of rituals which children love.

4.      Children Learn about God while Being in God’s Presence. Children's Worship & Wonder is worship. It is a chance for adults and children to worship together in a way that is meaningful for both.

5.      Numbers do not Matter. This program can be done with one child or twenty children. 

For more information about Children's Worship & Wonder or to visit the Children's Worship Center at the church and experience this life changing ministry call the church office or email us at