What You Can Expect When You Visit


Parking is available in front and on the side of the church.  In the parking area immediately in front of the church building there are parking spots reserved for persons with disabilities.

The building is also accessible to persons with disabilities and special hearing devices are available. 


Enter the building through the double doors under the portico into the Welcome Center.  You will be met by greeters who will direct you to the nursery, Sunday School classrooms, or Worship Center.  The Worship Center is located at the back left off of the Welcome Center.  You will be given a weekly bulletin, asked to sign a friends register (this is to let us know you were with us in worship), and the greeter can answer any questions you may have.

What to expect in Worship

Ours is a traditional worship service.   You will receive a warm - but not "in-your-face"  or “smothering”- welcome from others in worship.

Order of Service

The service begins with a welcome and announcements.  Our children collect  "The Noisy Offering" (a loose change offering to use in missions) and participate in a Children's Sermon.  You will experience special music presented by the choir or other musicians, the scripture reading, and a relevant message for today presented by the Pastor.  Following the message is an invitation to join the church and the collection of tithes and offerings.  The Lord's Supper is celebrated weekly and comes at this point in the service.  We close with a benediction and a hymn.

  • The Lord's Supper: The New Testament states the first Christians celebrated communion whenever they worshiped together.  For this reason we share the Lord's Supper every Sunday.  Because it is the Lord's Table - not ours - everyone is welcome to share in this communion service, regardless of denominational background.  On most Sundays the elements of The Lord's Supper (the bread and the cup) are passed through the congregation by the deacons of the church.  In keeping with our belief in "the priesthood of all believers" we serve one another in the pew.

Children in Worship

Nursery care is available at all services.  During the service, children of all ages are invited to the front of the church for collection of the Noisy Offering, and for a children's sermon provided by the pastor.  Children are also involved in the worship service as acolytes, lighting the candles on the chancel before the service. 

Lay Leaders

The leaders of the early church were all lay people; fishermen, tent makers, and the like.  Men and women named Peter, Paul, Priscilla, Matthew and Mary were all important figures in the church.  In like fashion, our congregation is led by lay-leaders.  The most visible and dramatic evidence of this fact is lay men and women preside over the most holy moment of worship - The Lord's Supper.


Want to Know More?

Surf through the other pages of our website and feel free to contact the church office or our pastor at

865-482-1481 or email at office@fccor.org or pastor@fccor.org